Happy event photography is my specialty-- exciting, engaging, story-telling images that get to the heart of what's going on in a fun way. I've got tons of experience across the world creating dynamic event photos.

Fair Folks - St.Paul, MN

Ryan Mohr on a lovely fall flight - Kettle River, MN

Whitney and Erik sprucing up on the big day - Fargo, ND

Minnesota Life College Celebration - Mpls, MN

Shoulder To Shoulder - Veterans Airlift Command - Nashville, TN

Ready, set....  Art Sled!  Minneapolis, MN

Trust Before the Prom - Mpls, MN

Through Adversity To Triumph - Veterans Airlift Command - Austin, TX

Banners Installation on Nicollet Ave. - Labor Camp - Minneapolis, MN

Hot Lips - City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival - Mpls., MN

Rugby, the most beautiful sport. ;^) - Otsego, MN

Proud Pals for Pride - Minneapolis, MN

The Illuminated Reef Collective - Northern Spark - Mpls, MN

Coming Together - Good Space Murals - St.Paul, MN

T-6 Victory Preflight Instruction - Flying Cloud Field, MN

Hen House Hug - Marine on St.Croix, MN

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