Happy event photography is my specialty-- exciting, engaging, story-telling images that get to the heart of what's going on in a fun way. I've got tons of experience across the world creating dynamic event photos.

Manning the Dunk Tank As A Team. - Gay Pride Festival - Mpls, MN

The Illuminated Reef Collective - Northern Spark - Mpls, MN

Mostly Happy - Aquatennial Parade - Minneapolis, MN

Delivering The Goods - Star Tribune Delivery Systems - Mpls, MN

Shoulder To Shoulder - Veterans Airlift Command - Nashville, TN

Bubbly! - May Day Celebration - Mpls, MN

Nordy Gets A Selfie - Star Tribune Promotion - Mpls, MN

Through Thin and Thinner - Gay Pride Festival - Mpls, MN

Through Adversity To Triumph - Veterans Airlift Command - Austin, TX

For Joy - May Day Parade - Mpls, MN

Brain Drain - Basement Creatures Rock Opera - Mpls., MN

Shanty Shuffle - Art Shanty Project - White Bear Lake, MN

Blast Away - House of Balls Celebration - Minneapolis, MN

Kick-off! - Nexus Sport Camp - Minneapolis, MN

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