Students, if you are doing an author report you might like my vital statistics:

• Born on March 18th, 1956 in Mason City, Iowa.
(First five-headed baby ever born there.)

• Grew up in Waterloo, Iowa.

• I attended
Kingsley Elementary
West Junior High
Waterloo West High School
The University of Iowa

• I have lived in the Twin Cities area since 1982.

• I live with my lovely wife, Jane and my wonderful children, Madeline (14) and Riley (12) in Maple Grove, Minnesota

• My favorite book that I have created is Sparky's Rainbow Repair.

• My first picturebook was called, "Ralphie and the Secret of the Sun".
I made it in high school, it was never published.

• My favorite color is. . .
. . .something different each week.

• I get my ideas for my projects from all around me. Sometimes I steal them from children!

• I usually like drawing better than writing.

There, now that wasn't so bad, and you thought doing an author report was going to be hard.